viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Acerca del Genpo Merzel, fundador del BIG MIND

Owning My Responsibility
A Personal Statement from Genpo Merzel
I have chosen to disrobe as a Buddhist Priest, and will stop giving Buddhist Precepts or Ordinations, but I will continue teaching Big Mind.  I will spend the rest of my life truly integrating the Soto Zen Buddhist Ethics into my life and practice so I can once again regain dignity and respect. My actions have caused a tremendous amount of pain, confusion, and controversy for my wife, family, and Sangha, and for this I am truly sorry and greatly regret. My behavior was not in alignment with the Buddhist Precepts. I feel disrobing is just a small part of an appropriate response.
Lest there be any misunderstanding, my stepping down as a Soto Zen Buddhist Priest does not affect the status of anyone to whom I have given the precepts or ordination or  any other empowerments. I am also resigning as an elder of the White Plum Asanga. My actions should not be viewed as a reflection on the moral fabric of any of the White Plum members.
As Genpo Merzel, I will continue to bring Big Mind into the world and to train and facilitate people who wish to study with me. I will not give up on, and will still be available for people who wish to continue studying with me as just an ordinary human being who is working on his own shadows and deeply rooted patterns. 
With great humility I will continue to work on my own shadows and deeply rooted patterns that have led me to miss the mark of being a moral and ethical person and a decent human being. I appreciate all the love and support as well as the criticism that has been shared with me. Experiencing all the pain and suffering that I have caused has truly touched my heart and been the greatest teacher. It has helped open my eyes and given me greater clarity around my own dishonest, hurtful behavior as well as my sexual misconduct. I recently entered therapy and plan to continue indefinitely with it. I am in deep pain over the suffering I have caused my wife, children, students, successors and Sangha.
With Sadness and Love,
D. Genpo Merzel


Si alguien puede traducir el texto para los que no leen inglés ...

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011


Los próximos días 4, 5 y 6 de Marzo 2011 tendrá lugar en el templo Luz Serena el primer seminario del Primer Curso del Programa de Estudios Budistas. 

Será impartido por Samuel Soriano, profesor de estudios Budistas por la CBSZ.

El tema del seminario es: El Buddha Shakyamuni y los orígenes del Buddha Dharma.

sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

"Shakuhachi",meditación del soplido

Conferencia-concierto de «shakuhachi» (flauta zen japonesa)
Organizado por la Comunidad Budista Soto Zen Luz Serena.

en el Club Diario Levante
Valencia, 2 de febrero

Crónica de Josep Lluís Galiana

Dokushô Villalba (maestro budista zen) y
Horacio Curti (maestro de shakuhachi).
Foto de Abelard Comes
De herramienta para la práctica budista a instrumento musical, la flauta shakuhachi ha mantenido desde tiempos inmemoriales una estrecha relación con la tradición del zen. El maestro budista zen y presidente fundador de la Comunidad Budista Soto Zen española, Dokushô Villalba (Utrera, 1956), presentó el concierto de Horacio Curti con una breve conferencia sobre el origen del shakuhachi y su relación con la meditación zen. Acompañados por un público muy interesado en esta música y su tradición, el abad del templo Zen Luz Serena de Requena expuso las similitudes «entre la meditación zen sedente y la meditación del soplido».